Social Activities

Lalbaugcha Raja Social Activities

After 87 years of the Rule of the Lalbaugcha Raja we now enter the 88th glorious year of the Ganeshotsav. After so many years, it still serves the purpose, its main aim of bringing people together. Lakhs and lakhs of people come together from all walks of life & wait in anticipation of the darshan, all differences kept aside. It is their devotion towards the Raja that draws them to Lalbaug year after year. Over the years the Mandal has not only succeeded in popularizing the tremendously famous; Lalbaugchga Raja but has also tried very hard to better the society by working towards providing many facilities to the underprivileged. The Lalbaugchga Raja is known to everyone however, we also wish to highlight the social activities performed by the Mandal under the name of the same.Lalbaugcha Raja Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal is carrying out numerous social and educational activities since 1934 for uplift of the society and the Country. The Mandal has always contributed to the social works whenever any catastrophe has taken place in the country. In 1947, Mandal donated its balance amount to the Kasturba Fund and to Bihar Flood Relief Fund in 1959. Mandal did its bit by contributing to the National Fund during floods at Bihar in 1959 and during the wars in 1962 & 1965.

In 1990, the Mandal contributed Rs.15,000/- towards “Konkan Flood Relief Fund”, established by the Express Group for the flood affected people of Jambhulpada, based in Konkan, Maharashtra. It is the first Mandal who contributed Rs.1 Lac to the “Army Central Welfare Fund”, in 1999 for the families of the soldiers who scarified their lives to uphold the dignity of the Nation at Kargil and the same was handed over to the then Governor of Maharashtra State, Dr. P.C. Alexander.

The other social activities of the Lalbaugcha Raja Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal are:

Dialysis Center

The number of patients taking treatment on Kidney related diseases is increasing day by day. Most of these patients need to undergo Dialysis regularly, which is very expensive. In order to provide help to such poor and needy patients, Mandal has started a Dialysis Center at Industrial Estate,Chivda Galli, Lalbaug, Mumbai-12. At this dialysis center, the dialysis is done at a nominal cost of Rs.100. The Dialysis Center is managed by a team of highly qualified, experienced and well-known Nephrologists

Lokmanya Tilak Computer Training Institute

Today, Computer has become an integral part of our lives. Computer knowledge is a must for everybody. Hence to increase the Computer literacy, “Lokmanya Tilak Computer Training Institute” has been established by the Mandal. The Institute conducts Basic in Office Automation, D.T.P., Tally, Taxation, AutoCAD, Programming in C & C++, etc. courses at nominal fees. This Computer Training Institute is also a MS-CIT Authorized Training center


Free Yoga Centre

It is said that a healthy housewife keeps her family healthy. And as agreed by the whole world, YOGA is the best way to keep a human being healthy. Hence, initially “Free Yoga Centre” was been started by the Mandal for women. Since 1st July 2010, Mandal has started “Free Yoga Centre” for men also. Free of cost Yoga classes are conducted for men & women where practice sessions are also arranged daily.

Lalbaugcha Raja Prabodhini

The ultimate aim of the Mandal is to utilize the donations received from the Public for the use of the Public. With this aim, the Mandal carries out its social as well as educational activities. With this aim in mind, the Mandal has started LALBAUGCHA RAJA PRABODHINI at Peru Conpound (Lalbaug) to carry out various educational activities. The main projects which are carried out at Lalbaugcha Raja Prabodhini are SANE GURUJI ABHYASIKA, SWATANTRYAVEER SAVARKAR LIBRARY, SANT DNYANESHWAR REFERENCE BOOK BANK, SWAMI VIVEKANAND SCHOLARSHIP, COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION COUNCELLING CENTER & GUIDENCE CLASSES and ENGLISH SPEAKING COURSE.
The Lalbaugcha Raja Prabodhini was inaugurated on 20th June 2009. Hon.Dr. Jayraj Phatak (IAS Muncipal Commissioner, MCGM) was the Chief Guest for the inauguration ceremony. The other dignitaries who were present at the function include Hon. Shri Dagdudada Sakpal (MLA), Hon. Shri Sunil Prabhu (Leader, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai), Hon. Shri Kishor Gajbhiye (IAS, Additional Commissioner,MCGM), Hon. Shri Madhav Sangle (IAS, Additional Commissioner,MCGM), Hon. Padmashree Shri Tatyarao Lahane (Well known Eye Surgeon, JJ Hospital)

Sane Guruji Abhyasika (Study Room Facility)

Nowadays it has become very difficult for students to find a place where they can study peacefully without any disturbances. The problem is very severe in middle class locality of nearby areas. To overcome this problem, the Mandal offers “Free Study Room Facility” to the students at Sane Guruji Abhyasika. The study rooms are fully Air Conditioned and a lot of care is taken so that the students can study here without any disturbances.

Swatantryaveer Savarkar Library

As someone has quoted ‘Reading sharpens the thought processes of a human being’. Reading as a habit has always allowed to nurture a wholesome sense of well being. Also, in today’s competitive era. only schooling or high school education is insufficient, higher education has become a must. But the prices of the books required by the habitual readers and for higher studies are so expensive that many readers cannot afford to buy these books. Due to this, many students have to give up their studies and many habitual readers are deprived of reading.
To overcome this, “Swatantryaveer Savarkar Library” was started in August 2006. Various educational books of all faculties as well as various literature books are made available for all. The educational section of the library includes books from various streams such as Engineering, Medicines, Law, Science, Commerce, Arts, Management, Information Technology etc. A separate section of the library is dedicated for books required for various Competitive exams such as UPSC, MPSC, Banking etc. For general readers, literature of various well known authors from all categories are made available. It is a fully computerised library with all state of the art technologies. Any person can avail the library facility of the Mandal without spending a single Rupee.
The library is open from Monday to Saturday between 8 AM to 10 PM. (Sunday Closed)

Sant Dnyaneshwar Reference Book Bank

Normally the students need some books regularly during their academic year. Hence they have to purchase these books. But some economically backward students cannot afford to buy the books especially for higher studies since the books are very expensive. Thus, the Mandal has started Sant Dnyaneshwar Reference Book Bank under which all such required books are issued to the students which they can use for the entire academic year. After finishing the term, the students are supposed to return the books. These books are issued to economically backward and needy students FREE OF COST. Enrollment for this scheme starts in the month of June every year.

Competitive Exam Counseling Center & Guidance Classes

In today’s competitive era,. High school education is insufficient; higher education has become a must. To succeed, everybody should keep pace with the rapidly changing world. Keeping this in mind Lalbaugcha Raja Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal has started free of cost Counseling Center & Guidance classes of various competitive examinations for all eligible & promising candidates. The main aim of this is to create professional of higher rank who will serve our nation and take it to the top. Till date, the Mandal has a organized guidance classes and Workshop for State Service Examinations and PSI/STI Examinations conducted by Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC), for Clerical grade examination conducted by various Banks & Railway Recruitment Board. All the Counseling and Guidance classes are offered FREE OF COST to any candidate appearing or preparing for the examination. month of June every year.

IAS/IPS Workshops:

In order to increase the awareness about the IAS/IPS Examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), the Mandal is taking efforts since year 2007. Many students are not aware about the examination and its pattern. To impart the knowledge about the preparation to achieve success in this Examination, the Mandal organizes IAS/IPS Seminars in presence of currently working IAS/IPS officers. Many students take this opportunity to listen to their guidance and also to interact with them with regard to the UPSC Examination. Any college student or an eligible candidate can attend the seminar FREE OF COST.

English Speaking Course :

As all of us know, English is a language mainly used across the world for communication. The students/persons who have studied in a school with vernacular language and those who live in a vernacular society find it difficult to converse in English. In order to remove this fear about the English language, the Mandal has started English Speaking Courses. These courses are offered in many batches at different timings throughout the day so that any aspiring student or person can choose a batch at a convenient time.

The small seed sowed by old, wise members of the Mandal has been converted into a large tree. Now it is looked after by the new generation members by their dedicated work. This will definitely continue forever, with blessings of Lalbaugcha Raja.


Employment Cell :

Since 15th August 2014, Mandal has inaugurated Employment cell to help the unemployed youngsters for searching the opportunities for employment in various fields all over the country and abroad too.

In this Cell newspapers, Souvenir, brochures are available.  Also 10 numbers of computer sets are available so that anybody can search opportunities for employment.  There is a facility of filling online application on the cell. Many students are taking benefit of this Employment Cell.

Mega Blood Donation Camp :

On 6th August 2017, Mandal has organized Mega Blood Donation Camp with the help of SBTC so as to provide blood in various Blood Bags in Maharashtra to reduce the scarcity of Blood. This blood Camp was continued for 18 hours continuously from 6 am to 12 pm.

In all 15,248 number of blood Bags are collected in this camp. This number of collection may be considered as a record done by any Social organization.

In India, one of the characteristics of this camp is 300 cadet of Indian Navy attended in Uniform and donated Blood. Even Rear Admiral of navy Mr. Sanjay Mahendra himself donated blood in this Blood Donation Camp.

Especially, INHS Ashwini Blood Bank of Navy has participated in this camp too.

Another pecuniary of this blood camp is first 1500 blood bags collected in this camp were dispatched to the hospitals of Army in Jammu and Kashmir by flight for soldiers protecting border of Hindustan. BY the way Mandal as well as blood donors got an opportunity to dedicate their squirrel part of service to the nation.

In spite of their, Mandal has dispatched blood bags by flight to the hospitals in the district like Nagpur, Sambhaji Nagar, Latur, Chandrapur, etc.

Quarterly Blood Donation Camp :

After Mega Blood Donation Camp organized  by mandal, INHS Ashwini Blood Bank of Navy impressed and they propose to mandal to collect 150 to 200 blood bags every quarter for INHS Ashwini Blood Bank for Navy Soldiers. Mandal agreed the proposal and arrange quarterly blood donation camp to provide 150 to 200 blood bags. From 17 December 2017 till date Mandal organized quarterly blood donation camp to fulfill this proposal of INHS Ashwini Blood Bank of Navy. Members of Mandal and Blood Donators are encouraged to get an opportunity to serve the Nation by this blood donation camp. Blood donators willingly attend this blood camp for donate the blood.